Marketing and Selling Real Estate in a Virtual Universe

As everyone is aware, many professions and jobs have become somewhat more complicated – if not downright impractical – due to the challenges of social distancing in a COVID-19 landscape. Real estate is certainly not immune. Realtors, banks, closing officers, and even home inspectors are all having to find creative and safe options for marketing and selling property during the worldwide pandemic. Those who fail to take precautions seriously could end up in court or worse. A Colorado real estate law firm can help provide guidance, even in the most uncertain times. It is usually best to talk to an attorney long before problems even arise. Here are a few pro tips for staying safe and selling real estate in 2020.

Leverage Tech Wherever You Can

Seriously, it is 2020 and there are still realtors using flip phones out there. They drive from location to location, meeting clients on site. There is a better way: In many cities, you can find affordable real estate photographers who specialize in aerial imaging through drones or 360-degree photo shoots inside a property. These are not the photos of the past. There are even decent affordable DIY options for those so inclined.

Zoom and Webex are Your Friends

Perhaps this is all part of technology, but it is worth separating video conferencing options into their own category. More and more companies are discovering that much of what used to take up countless hours can be reduced to quick face-to-face calls, where screensharing and e-signature platforms make small work of agreements.

Masks, Distancing, and Hygiene

If you must show real estate to a potential buyer, consider first allowing them to tour the property virtually. If you have a website, ask that clients first tour online to make sure they really want to view it in person. In advance of the tour, make sure that all surfaces are disinfected, including kitchen appliances, light switches, and so forth. Then, when showing, ask that clients simply not touch any surfaces. Here are several potential suggestions:

  • Wear disposable shoe covers on entry
  • Wear masks, per state guidelines
  • Do not touch surfaces…allow the agent to do so for the client.
  • Consider disposable gloves
  • Consider a quick forehead scan for temperature to rule out fever
  • Keep groups to as few as possible, preferably no more than two clients per showing

Colorado Guidelines

Ultimately, the guidelines from the State of Colorado are continuously evolving to keep up with information from national and local government and research entities that are tracking the Coronavirus. Make sure to bookmark the State’s COVID response website for more information and to stay up-to-date on any changes. Ultimately, you may want to run any corporate policy or plan by a skilled real estate attorney before implementing it in the field. For advice or to deal with potential lawsuits concerning your real estate business, call the Law Offices of Eric L. Nesbitt, P.C. With offices in Denver, Centennial, and Englewood, there is an office ready to serve you throughout the region.