Residential – Residential property buyers in Colorado typically require legal representation title review and lien research matters. In addition, there are other special circumstances where it is prudent to work with an attorney regarding contractual issues, for example in the case of a short or long-term lease-back to the seller.

Additionally, we also advise new home owners after the sale if they feel the seller did not properly disclose a defect; however, without firm proof of this omission, these cases are difficult to win. We also work with clients having difficulty recouping earnest money from a seller after the client chooses not to proceed with a purchase and properly terminates the contract.

Commercial – Commercial real estate purchases are more complex. The contract language in standard buy-sell agreements is suitable for only 60-70% of these transactions. We help clients customize contracts as needed, incorporating amendments, indemnities (e.g., related to environmental issues), warranties, and representations to address their concerns and protect their interests.