Residential – The primary challenge for residential landlords is a tenant’s failure to pay rent or comply with provisions of the lease. While Colorado law allows for evictions, it is very specific about steps a landlord must take related to the notification of default. If the landlord fails to follow those steps, the matter could drag on far longer than necessary. We work with residential landlords to efficiently manage this process, following the letter of Colorado law.

We also caution landlords about relying on a one-size-fits-all template lease that may not address their specific concerns or even be appropriate for use in Colorado. Every situation deserves a unique legal approach.

Commercial – Commercial landlords must ensure that their lease agreements are clear about tenant responsibilities related to the payment of specific operating expenses and other obligations. Just as with residential situations, in cases of default, landlords must take specific steps regarding notice leading to a lawful eviction. We advise commercial landlords in all of these areas.