Residential – Residential tenants have specific protections under Colorado law, but they must follow the law explicitly to exercise those rights. We work with tenants to ensure they have recourse in a variety of situations, such as protecting their interests when a landlord sells the property, helping them terminate a lease, resolving a situation when their landlord is in violation of the Warranty of Habitability, or obtaining their security deposit refund in accordance with the Colorado Real Estate Security Deposit Act.

Commercial – Commercial tenants are well-advised to have an attorney thoroughly review their lease agreement prior to execution. Too often, a commercial tenant with a legitimate grievance has little recourse due to the language in the lease, for example a relocation clause by which a landlord retains the right to relocate a business within the same project or development. Also, if a tenant goes out of business or chooses to relocate before the lease expires, we’ll negotiate with the landlord on their behalf to get the best possible buy-out arrangement and/or limit personal financial exposure.