Who do you work with?
Our firm works with clients of all types, from individuals to small business owners to large Fortune 500 companies. We provide a full spectrum of real estate and business legal services to clients requiring advice or counsel for their matter.
Do you work outside of Colorado?
Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Colorado and Illinois, but we can work with clients who are located anywhere in the world if their matter involves a Colorado real estate or business issue. If you have a legal issue outside of Colorado or Illinois, you should seek counsel from an attorney licensed to practice law in that state or country


Do you charge for initial consultations?
Yes, the fee for an initial consultation is $200, however that fee is applied as a credit toward future work should you retain our firm to represent you in your matter.
Why do you charge for initial consultations?
We charge for consultations for several reasons. First, we take the time to meet with you to discuss your legal issues, and in most cases, we conduct a review and analysis of your documentation during our time together. As seasoned attorneys who have successfully represented clients in a wide array of cases and matter types, we have earned the right to charge for our time. During the consultation, the client receives the benefit of obtaining legal advice for a reasonable fee.
What can I expect during my initial consultation?
During your initial consultation, you will speak with one of our seasoned attorneys about your legal matter. We will discuss the facts of your matter, possibly conduct a document review and analysis, and discuss potential steps moving forward. We will also answer any questions you may have about the process.
How do I send you documents to discuss during my consultation?
If you know in advance that you want to discuss a specific document (a notice, lease agreement, contract, etc..), then you can send in your documents along with the intake form when you return it to our legal assistant. If you don’t know if you want to discuss any specific documents, we’ll discuss your issue during the consultation, and we’ll tell you what, if any, documents to prepare.
Do you offer virtual consultations?
Our firm is fully digital, and we offer telephone or Zoom consultations in addition to in-person appointments.

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How much do will my legal matter cost?
How much your matter will cost depends on a multitude of factors. Once you meet with one of our attorneys for your initial consultation and they understand your case, they will provide you with a quote for the services based on the scope of work that is deemed appropriate. The firm typically charge by the hour, based on the assigned attorney’s level of experience and other factors, but sometimes a flat fee rate structure is offered depending on the nature of the matter. While a one- or two-hour engagement might cost a few hundred dollars, an ongoing legal dispute or issue can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. For our current billing rates, please contact the office at 303-741-2354.
Will I need to pay a retainer?
In most cases, the firm will require an up-front payment of a retainer, which is similar to a down payment for legal services not yet rendered. The retainer is drawn upon during our monthly billing cycle and you will be issued an itemized statement of how your time was billed.
Can someone else pay my legal fees?
Yes. If you have someone who is interested in paying your legal fees, such as a parent or relative, they can do that.
Do you offer payment plans?
Unfortunately, our firm does not offer payment plans at this time.
Do you offer sliding scale?
Unfortunately, our firm does not offer sliding scale payment options at this time.
How do I pay for my legal services?
You can pay for services through our online payment portal using a debit or credit card, as well as via check, cash, or wire transfer.