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Whether you rent an apartment or a storage unit, legal experts say it is important to maintain a will or other legal arrangements outlining what will happen to your belongings should anything happen to you. By law, landlords are not allowed to hand any belongings of a deceased person over to any person without proper legal documentation.

The grieving family of Michael Walsh said they are unable to retrieve his belongings from his Capitol Hill apartment. His mother Arlene had traveled from California to settle her son’s affairs at great expense, only to learn she had no legal right to his belongings since he was older than 18 and had no will. “(This is) so cold, towards a mother that just lost her son just asking for his belongings, I’m not asking for the building,” she said.

Attorney Eric. L. Nesbitt said everyone should maintain a will, but renters can also designate who will be able to enter their apartment in their rental agreement. Read the full article here.


Legal experts say renters must read their lease and make sure it includes a plan for how the landlord handles storm and fire damage repairs. Recent storms across the metro area can create hardships for both tenants and landlords. An Englewood woman contacted the FOX31 Problem Solvers after storm damage left her basement apartment flooded. She says she is living in her car as a result. “I have to impose on other people. That’s ridiculous, I’m a 40 year old woman. I shouldn’t have to do that,” Anglic said.

The FOX31 Problem Solvers asked the landlord about the repair schedule and learned work crews are waiting on parts and other units damaged by water have been repaired. He also paid for her to stay in a hotel. The woman says the hotel had bedbugs. In addition, the landlord gave her a break on the rent because of the circumstances.

Attorney Eric L. Nesbitt said all renters need to understand their rights when it comes to apartment repairs. Read the full article here.