Software Licensing to Protect Your Intellectual Property

License Your Software

If your business involves software, software licensing is essential. Software licensing is a complicated topic, but in simple terms, the license protects your software. It establishes how your software can be used, where and how many times it can be installed, if it can be modified and if the user can look at the underlying source code. Licensing your software protects your copyright and your intellectual property.

Types of Software Licenses

There are several types of software licenses. The most common include:

Open-Source Software – Open-source software, also known as freeware, has the fewest restrictions. This software is free to use, and it can be copied and redistributed as the user desires.

Proprietary Software
– Proprietary Software is software that has more restrictions regarding installation, usage and distribution. Proprietary software may have a perpetual license that does not expire, or it may have a term license that expires after a certain amount of time.

Volume License – A volume license allows proprietary software to be installed on a certain number of computers. These licenses are often utilized by owners of large businesses and educational institutions.

– Shareware is also referred to as demoware or trialware. It is a type of trial software that can be used for free for a specified period of time, usually 30 or 60 days. After that time, users must pay to use the software

There are also numerous add-ons for licenses, such as upgrades, student use, secondary use, maintenance, work-at-home use and home use.

Legal Assistance for Software Licensing

Software licensing is undeniably complicated, but it is an essential step in protecting your intellectual property. Knowing exactly how to establish your license can be a bit overwhelming. To get it right, it is best to enlist the help of a business law professional. If you need assistance licensing your software, contact The Law Offices of Eric L. Nesbitt today.

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