Title Examination and Analysis: Understand & Protect What’s Yours


When dealing with an issue related to the title to your home or property, it is essential to make sure it is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. These issues can be extremely difficult to work through on your own. By hiring an experienced real estate attorney, however, it is possible to make the entire process much simpler and easier to understand. Here at the Law Offices of Eric L. Nesbitt, P.C., I have personally assisted clients on real estate title analysis issues for more than 23 years. 

Title Analysis Services



As a title analyst, I assist clients facing all types of title issues, including:


  • Ownership
  • Disputed boundaries
  • Access
  • Leasehold interests or subordinate rights
  • Covenants
  • Easements


By carefully examining the title in question, I can help you fully understand it so that you can effectively resolve your problem. At our office, we have the experience needed to help clients with a wide variety of title issues.


Property Title Litigation



In addition to assisting you by analyzing your title and helping you to understand what you need to know and providing you with the legal advice you require, I also provide litigation services in the event your case cannot be settled through negotiation. I am dedicated to providing personalized service and getting to know all the details of your personal situation and goals in order to help you obtain the results you are seeking. When it is necessary to litigate to protect the rights of my client in a property title dispute, I work tirelessly and exhaust all possible options to win your case.


Choosing the Right Lawyer for Title Analysis and Litigation



When facing any legal problems, having the right attorney on your side is essential. When you choose to work with me and my team of experienced legal professionals, you are choosing an attorney with unrivaled knowledge and experience. In addition to spending the past 23 practicing real estate law, I am also a licensed real estate broker in the state of Colorado. This experience has provided me with unique insight into various aspects of the real estate world, including title examination and analysis. As a real estate lawyer and broker, I have an in-depth understanding of real estate law and transactions, and I would be happy to put my understanding and experience to use assisting you with your title analysis needs. Don’t put off getting the legal advice you need; call my office today to schedule an appointment

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